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Can your GP in the UK prescribe you a fitness app on the NHS?

healthy w8 - can your GO prescribe you an app?

The pandemic has drastically altered the old way of life for millions of people, forcing them to embrace digital platforms for a variety of purposes. Although they have been around for a while, most people use this application for banking, paying bills, and shopping for online products. However, there is an increase in using prescription fitness apps.

With the increasing number of coronavirus cases each day, as well as the government’s stringent measures, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for patients to access any training program or health facilities for regular checkups in the United Kingdom. Diabetic and hypertensive patients, for example, are given recommendations by doctors as such, they need to exercises to help them stay fit. These guidelines prevent them to practice outdoor exercises like walking, swimming and a number of routine programs that help them regain full-body control.

Thousands of health and fitness apps are available by an online search for anyone who wants to get in shape for whatever reason. Unfortunately, determining which app is appropriate for what purpose is not simple. Most applications have no medical truth, but as a patient with a specific medical condition, you need to know if you’re on track. As a result, in order for your patient’s recovery process to be successful, you will need to prescribe a suitable fitness app as a GP.

This article will look for some of the recommended NHS apps that are effective and accurate for patients or persons who would love to get a personal program for training or for medical benefit. Or a prescription and an exercise program. Let’s begin!

How to find trustworthy apps

Things are about to change for NHS Library staff who have had access since 2017, as a popular app feature that incredibly enhances convenience, unlike ( with stringent measures. As a result, NHS staff looking for reliable apps to recommend now have a wide range of options. ORCHA is a well-known body that deals with the evaluation of credibility. They validate Care and Wellness apps by reviewing important details of their creation. A credible, authoritative body ensures that apps charge subscription fees fairly and that their systems are critically tracked.

According to the ORCHA application library, 65 percent are trustworthy; other top apps score 90 percent, which many people highly download. People will leave feedback comments about the application, either recommending improvements or expressing excitement about the apps. That is what you should be looking for.

When a patient downloads an app, the NHS can check its trustworthiness. Certain applications are commercialized, which means you must pay to gain access to them; others are completely free, and you pay nothing to use them. The NHS (London PPH and social care apps DPS) has now enabled GPs to recommend and provide a prescription of effective apps to their patients. These apps are offer different treatment, program intensity, resistance, frequency and guidelines.

According to a study conducted by Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, approximately 92 percent of patients easily adapt prescription apps. Furthermore, patients are more likely to take this prescription seriously if it can be demonstrated that it solves a health problem by presenting a necessity or risk.

What Is NHS Fitness App

The NHS fitness apps help individuals become more active by keeping track of their lifestyle by using a flexible schedule of 12 weeks exercise plan and diet. This application will guide you to achieve great health by managing your calorie intake and ensuring you regularly keep on a balanced diet.

per week, an information guide with an action plan hints at relevant tips and advice a person on their goals. Make sure you keep track of your performance and also identify the types of foods that are high in calories and follow a specific pathway to appropriately balance your diet. Some of these apps help you monitor your heart rate.

There is some useful information and guidelines to help you achieve your weekly goals. You only need to remind yourself of these objectives at the start of each week. Nothing comes without goals, and setting them can help you achieve them even faster.

  • Examples of NHS Fitness App
  • ·NHS walking app

NHS exercise prescription and fitness app (Walking app)

1. Couch to 5k

The app is for beginners who want to try running exercises. The good news is that the application has been able to help many around the world begin running exercise with little effort at first because the

features in this application are handy and offer a fantastic experience for anybody struggling to start the exercise. Couch to 5k is an impressive addition to the sports medicine world and the best exercise prescription.

Features of Couch to 5k app:

1. It comes with a music player for its users.

2. It has the ability to track your running activities.

3. It connects thousands of runners across the world.

4. It has up to five coaches to keep you motivated.

1. Active 10

This app records every single minute you walk. It is easy to use, all you need to do is get the phone out from your pocket, and the app captures data every step you make. Walking is great for your physical health and actively helps with that. You can use it for your daily exercise prescription and training.

Features for this app:

· The app can track relevant information.

· The app provides personal ideas to boost your performance


· Easy to set goals on the app.

· Able to keep track of your achievements.


NHS eating app

1. Easy-meals app

No matter how hard you hit the gym, you must track your meals. This application can easily get you into fantastic health by guiding you on an effective plan that you can easily follow through.

Programs in this app:

· It helps you cut on the consumption of salt

· Reduce fat intake

· Cut on sugar

·  NHS heart app

1. Fribricheck

This application can help your patient keep a close consultation session with a physician by tracking relevant data about their heart rhythms and share their results with a suitable clinical officer for further medical scrutiny. The app has both premium and free category for its users. The app is easy to use. You place a finger on the phone screen, and the information is captured and displayed on your screen. It saves you time from having to visit an exercise prescription centre physically

·   Able to monitor heart rhythm

·   Heart rate

1.   Intelli

This app performs many search services; it is mainly suitable for persons struggling with diabetes. The disease is difficult to manage since you’ll need constant intensive care from a medical facility. With this app, you’ll be able to keep track of your general physical health and any risk arising from diabetes.

The app offers:

· Provides information about your insulin level

· Blood pressure

· Blood sugar

· Able to reveal feet and eye problems/ appropriate


· Interactive consultation dashboard


MyAsthma is another popular application that helps control disease progression and its prevention as well. It helps predicts the circumstance that would occur if someone deviates from the prescription fitness. Also, the application offers strategies and actionable plans to control their condition.

NHS Fitness Plan and exercise program

This type of exercise has a regular pattern/program going for a duration of 12 weeks. It’s a highly adaptable type of exercise and testing that anyone can complete. You can become physically fit through various exercise activities such as running, walking routine, and strength training or through lifting weight, but remember that consistency is key. Other ways to achieve that is through participating in sports, training, body physical fitness, personal practice and routine, and practising physical control and resistance. Nothing is difficult to accomplish if you adhere to a regular session. Living a healthy life is a great way to avoid disease and medicine. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

So, as you begin, make a list of the number of days and times you’ll need the practice to help you visualize the direction and goals you want to achieve in the end. Again, having a routine is essential.

Final thoughts

Prescription fitness, sports medicine exercise programs are on the rise. There is relevant evidence emerging that supports applications for a person with terminal conditions and can help save money for the family and NHS. With more quality GPs support applications the more patients prescription, also the greater the benefit from interest in these developments. The good news is that many people have accepted electronic prosperity during the pandemic, entrenching these new services when life returns to ordinary will benefit the two patients and our overstretched prosperity organization.

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